Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense, San Diego – Impact SUHi (P1 preparation)

Some of Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense, San Diego’s students preparing for their Practitioner 1 Exam: Alicia Sanchez Erik Felix Jesse Martinez John Wood Lesley Sanchez Video provided by Dino Filmz Special thanks to Lil Rex Soundtrack: “Melts Away” by Gotham Road

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author: Impact Krav Maga San Diego

Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense is the Krav Maga San Diego school AList readers have chosen above all the others. It is the only Krav Maga School in San Diego County that is affiliated with Krav Maga Global (KMG) and the only local Krav Maga school whose entire instructor staff has been certified by Eyal Yanilov, the generally recognized Source of Krav Maga in the world. We teach authentic, up to date Krav Maga.


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