Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense Krav Maga, San Diego– Level 1, basic striking warm-up

The most significant part of learning to defend yourself and loved ones in the streets is developing your mental and physical ability to fight. This video features clips from our March 24, 2012 level 1 class. It highlights our warm-up (a review of basic striking), which develops ordinary people into fighters. Visit us at and see what all the buzz is about. (Impact is the only Krav Maga Global affiliate in San Diego, and it is the only Krav Maga school that gets its training from The Source, Eyal Yanilov– the world-recognized authority on Krav Maga.


author: Impact Krav Maga San Diego

Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense is the Krav Maga San Diego school AList readers have chosen above all the others. It is the only Krav Maga School in San Diego County that is affiliated with Krav Maga Global (KMG) and the only local Krav Maga school whose entire instructor staff has been certified by Eyal Yanilov, the generally recognized Source of Krav Maga in the world. We teach authentic, up to date Krav Maga.


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