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Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense, San Diego’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ImpactSanDiego
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If you’re in Long Beach, Orange County, Huntington Beach, or Portland, Oregon, this is the place to train in the most up-to-date Krav Maga around. Lead Instructor Alan Predolin is the North American Director of Krav Maga Global– an amazing source of Krav Maga knowledge.
360 Krav Maga: http://360kravmaga.com/

If you want to train real Krav Maga, go to The Source. Krav Maga Global is headed by Eyal Yanilov, the highest ranking Krav Maga practitioner in the world (Master 3/Expert 8), a rank bestowed directly by The Founder, Grandmaster Imi Lichtenfield.
Krav Maga Global: http://krav-maga.com/

Impact Krav Maga is led by Zeev Cohen (Master 1), one of the foremost Krav Maga experts in the world.
Impact Krav Maga, Israel: http://www.impactkm.co.il/

If you are looking to improve your strength and conditioning, look no further than CrossFit Elysium. CrossFit is extremely effective and can help bring elite levels of fitness to anybody and everybody. Coach Leon, Paul, and Stacie are very dedicated and experienced professionals. Their classes are kept small allowing for individual attention. They will get you in the best shape (and health) of your life through specialized development plans in an extremely encouraging, supportive and friendly environment.

Are you in Menifee or Temecula, visit our friend, Dr. Tsvetov, Temecula Oral Surgeon who specializes in Tooth Extraction, Dental Implants and facial surgery. http://temeculafacialoralsurgery.com/