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Yury and Veronica are outstanding instructors who care about the safety and development of their students.

V.O.San Diego, CA

Veronica and Yury are both excellent instructors who teach in a way that bring out the best in every student. Unlike some schools they teach real world, real time, skills that are usable after the first class!

M.G.San Diego, CA

Absolutely the best place with unsurpassed skill and a family atmosphere.

E.B.San Diego, CA

Great place to learn self defense from top rated instructors!

T.T.San Diego, CA

Veronica is the top female Krav Maga practitioner, and I believe Yuri’s the best, period! I was given such a warm welcome here and I LOVE these classes!

K.M.San Diego, CA

Love Yury and Veronica! They definitely have the gift of teaching. They are the best! Love their classes and their school! Can’t get enough of Krav Maga at Impact!

S.W.San Diego, CA

I’ve been training here for 2 years, best school & best teachers

A.J.San Diego, CA

Fantastic classes and amazing instructors–top notch place!

E.H.San Diego, CA

There is no other place in San Diego that I would want to go for Krav Maga…… trust me when I say this, not all Krav Maga schools teach good Krav Maga. Impact = Quality. Period!!

B.P.San Diego, CA

A++ The instructors are passionate about Krav Maga! I took the women’s only course first and LOVED it!! It is a great workout with the added plus of learning how to protect yourself.

S.M.San Diego, CA

This is THE place to go to learn practical, street-smart, Krav Maga self defense in San Diego.

D.H.San Diego, CA

The best martial arts studio I have found in San Diego. Yuri and Veronica have shaped a family like environment that push you to your limits and provide you the best training bar none!

D.B.San Diego, CA

By far the best martial arts school in San Diego. Great instructors. There is a positive attitude in the school and all the students help each other. I can’t see myself training anywhere else.

T.T.San Diego, CA

Veronica and Yuri are very skilled and amazing instructors, wonderful facility and the best Krav Maga in San Diego!

J.T.San Diego, CA

If you want to learn KM I would seriously consider Impact. Not only is it an excellent place to learn Krav Maga, it’s centrally located and very easy to get to. I drive in from San Diego State University and it takes me about 15.

R.S.San Diego, CA

Impact’s instructors are patient and make you feel safe as a beginner. They treat everyone with respect and work very hard to make sure you get the technique right. They are very encouraging and have created a friendly, supportive school. Training at Impact was the best decision I have made this year.

C.M.San Diego, CA

Excellent Instructors, clear, concise and effective training! Highly recommended.

K.A.San Diego, CA

Yury and Veronica are intense! Best workout ever!

Y.B.San Diego, CA

I’m very happy and blessed to be a student at Impact Krav Maga San Diego. Personally and honestly, Impact Krav Maga San Diego is the best martial arts school in San Diego that I have trained at.

J.R.San Diego, CA

Veronica and Yury are some of the best Krav Maga practitioners and instructors in the country. They have great skills and patience. I get the pleasure of working with them during our instructor gatherings for KMG a few times a year.

R.C.San Diego, CA

If you want to learn potentially life-saving skills in a fun, collaborative, challenging, and supportive environment, look no further.

O.C.San Diego, CA

The best school with breath taking lessons by the the best teachers!

I.S.San Diego, CA