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Core Krav MagaClass designed for entry and intermediate level students focusing on striking mechanics; fighting techniques and tactics against single and multiple attackers; ground fighting; and defenses against common street attacks including punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, headlocks, and a select weapon defenses, including knives, sticks and guns1 hr
Essentials of Krav MagaClass focusing on beginner curriculum corresponding to Impact’s Practitioner 1 syllabus.  The class will focus on basic striking techniques, stances, movement and a few defenses against chokes, kicks and punches.  This class is offered once a week and is a great supplement to the Core Krav Maga Class1 hr
Strike LabClass designed to improve students striking techniques, power, mechanics and tactics. This class is open to all students. Boxing gloves and hand wraps required.30 min
Open MatCome in and practice, review, and troubleshoot your techniques and tactics alone or with other fellow students in a non-class setting. Open to all Impact Krav Maga Self-Defense Krav Maga students. An instructor will be on site for assistance.1 – 2 hrs
Full Contact Krav MagaClass will focus on improving students’ fighting abilities. Students will practice Krav Maga techniques with contact. Open to students who achieved the rank of Practitioner 1 or higher. Protective equipment is mandatory.30 min
Advanced Krav MagaClass is only open to students who achieved the rank of Practitioner 3 with Impact Krav Maga. This class focuses on further developing students’ combat and self defense abilities. Students are taught more extensive fighting tactics, ground fighting techniques, takedowns and weapon retention techniques. 1 hr
 In house WorkshopsIn house Workshops will focus on specific self defense topics, covering a wide spectra of self defense techniques. These workshops will be offered once every three months. Open to all current Impact students. 2 hr

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